How to live Dignity

Interview with Chantal al Arab and Anders Larsen

Chantal al Arab was born under humble circumstances in the Kingdom of Bahrain, not so many years ago. Her family was very poor. They only had one maid (each!). Upon her 18th birthday, she decided to move to Paris in order to study at a very prestigious beauty academy. The experience turned out to be traumatic. At the academy, they wanted her to do other people’s makeup. Already then, Chantal was a strong independent woman, so she put her foot down and said ‘non!’. She later decided to drop out of beauty school and went on to do some soul searching (Loubutins, of course). She finally found her true calling, and she is now a prominen fashion reporter on Al Jazera Bahrain. She goes to all the big fashion weeks (Mozul, Gaza, Istanbul etc.) and reports on the fashion of the coming seasons.