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Why Dignity Matters

Dignity is all

Dignity is something we do not think about much, we assume it is something that comes with being a human, even though we know from thousands of examples of history that dignity is also something that gets lost so quickly.

This Website is a reminder of holding up the value of dignity, that it is necessary to think about it again and again, to re-evaluate if we live with dignity, are treated with dignity, do treat others and ourselves with dignity.

Article 1 of the german constitution says:

Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar.

english: Human Dignity is inviolable

But is it really? Don’t we all recall several cases in that humans were treated in exact the opposite way? All of these cases are reasons enough to write and speak more about dignity, from all perspectives, involving not only humans but also nature.

Human Trafficking starts with the dream for a better life

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How to live Dignity

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