Sabine Gromer

Sabine Gromer is the creator and founder of Ignite Dignity. Dignity is one of the most important concerns of Sabine, which influences her actions in a comprehensive way. Actually Sabine works since more than two decades in capitalist systems, where Dignity seems be a missing value. Dignity plays a crucial role as both a fundamental value and as an end state in the process of humanizing organizational cultures, workplaces and relationships. However, despite its significance, it has yet to be addressed properly in the growing discourse on humanistic capitalism and management, and indeed in business ethics as a whole.

Sabine is a Transformation Pathfinder.

Sabine Gromer is a Transformation Pathfinder and the Founder of MagnoliaTree. MagnoliaTree is a purpose driven and by invitation only Coaching and Consulting firm that guides Senior Executives through organizational, professional and personal transformations. Sabine is accredited in leading and advising systems in an holistic approach to enhance and maximize organization effectiveness.