Why Dignity Matters

When it comes to human dignity, we can not make compromises.

Angela Merkel

Dignity is a human need like a home, food and social contacts. It touches all parts of our lives – from the closest circle of the family, to our connections with work and the state, til our very connection with mother earth and it’s elements.

Dignity matters. When we watch ourselves every morning in the mirror. Dignity decides. Whether we embrace ourselve with all our wrinkles and imperfections or feel minor and weak.

Dignity matters. When we talk to our neighbours. Dignity decides. Whether we speak to them in respectful and loving ways, or mistrust their gestures and words.

Dignity matters. When we are on the way to work. Dignity decides. Whether we claim courageously that ourselves and our work is a much needed part of a bigger whole, or we feel mistreated and neglected and do the same to our colleagues and supervisors.

Dignity matters. When we are walking in a forest. Dignity decides. Whether we touch a tree and it’s blooming flowers with our hearts and souls and thank it for it being such an essential part of the circle of life, or simply passing by and putting out a cigarette carelessly at it’s roots.

Dignity is like waterdrops, transparent, quickly overseen, in the heat of our daily lifes evaporated, but so essential in every litte detail of our lifes and interconnections with others.